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Schwart Stories

Tales of tech fiction, adventures in science and fantasy, romps through pop culture, and dashes of humor to warm the soul. Short stories, novels, flash fiction and more are available to experience. Pick a Schwart Story and put reality on pause!

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Schwart Stories Volume 1 Cover Art

Volume 1

A collection of five short stories that explore technology and social media, dip into science fiction, and revisit the magic of youthful imagination.

Includes the following short stories:

  • The Extension
  • Fighting Spirit
  • Liberation
  • Beyond the Overgrowth
  • Digital Riches and Analog Realities
Price: $3.99 On Sale $2.99
Each of the stories in Schwart Stories Volume 1 are also available individually!
The Extension Cover Art

The Extension

Madison has perfected her developer conference travel routine and mastered the ability to work her passion, writing code, at any location and under any circumstance. But a last minute tweak to her developer tools before embarking off on another seemingly routine trip out of Silicon Valley kicks off a series of strange events that will put Madison’s problem solving and coding focus to the ultimate the lives of everyone around her just might hinge upon each next line of code she types.
Price: $0.99
Fighting Spirit Cover Art

Fighting Spirit

It had been a rough year in eighth grade for Dale. There were dozens of moments of dejection and humiliation. But today might be the defining moment, the one that could lay the foundation for his four year journey through high school with his peers. Now that the moment is upon him, Dale knows what he wants to do. He’s just not sure he can do it.
Price: $0.99
Liberation Cover Art


A village on the outskirts of a war-torn territory clings to life. Operating an old mech with the help of a drone companion, a teenage girl spends each day searching for crop seeds in rotting fields and mangled hillsides. Growing tired of the monotony and pestered by a curiosity as to her purpose in life, the girl starts to question whether it is time for her to leave the village. But a mishap during a recent hunt for seeds might have just forced her hand by stirring up connections to her past and putting the safety of the village at risk.
Price: $0.99
Beyond the Overgrowth Cover Art

Beyond the Overgrowth

A man dips into his memory bank and reminisces about a magical journey he made as a child of the ‘80s. Feeling left out by his peers and eager to make the most of the weekend, the young boy summons up his passion for adventure and a bit of imagination to power through a boring science assignment about a plant. But when he fails to find the perfect shrub within his familiar search radius he must venture beyond borders to complete his assignment, a choice which he would come to spend a lifetime wishing he could make again.
Price: $0.99
Digital Riches and Analog Realities Cover Art

Digital Riches and Analog Realities

A man whose been down on his luck for years receives a kind gesture from a young gentleman during a stormy day that results in a bit of social interaction, something he hasn’t done in quite some time. But the young gentleman takes an interest in the man’s past and the man finds himself alive in the moment as he shares his tale of a mysterious stranger arriving on the wings of a raging storm to send him on a digital treasure hunt that is still changing his life to this very day.
Price: $0.99

More Works of Fiction

Squad Up Cover Art

Squad Up

A group of lifelong gamer friends squad up to compete against a bunch of younger generation pros at a video game tournament in hopes of tasting fortune and glory and proving that the veterans can still bring it.

Squad up is written as a movie script but formatted to be read like a novel. Fast paced visual descriptions and dialog that snaps to life from character to character, it's a different reading experience that just might leave you wanting more!

Price: $5.99 On Sale $2.99

Justin Schwartzenberger

I used to have this saying…

I have a creative soul waging war on a logical mind

My entire professional career has been spent doing software development and training (primarily in the web space) and writing has always been a passionate side gig. Okay, truth be told, a really far out there side-side gig. As much as I wanted to be doing it, I just didn’t know how to make it happen.

But now I do. And now I am completing projects that have been in the works for years and sparking new ones to life. I’ve always kept a watchful eye on the world around me and an ear to the streets and love mixing all that knowledge and experiences into the tales I write.

There are so many genres that I enjoy writing in, which can present a bit of a challenge when trying to establish a niche in the creative space. For me, the Schwart Stories volumes are that niche. They provide me a space, much like a book of fairy tales, to take the reader through different experiences in short bursts.

I’ve spent the majority of my life on the Central Coast of California and while not daydreaming of action scenes and fantasy settings grounded in modern reality or traveling up and down the coast in search of waves, I can still be found in the tech industry doing mentoring and training and helping to pass on years of logical knowledge. And wrapped around this current life like an oversized Snuggie is a creative soul no longer at war, but working together with a logical mind to craft tales of tech fiction and more.

Thank you so very much for reading and I hope to provide you with plenty of entertainment as you go through your journeys in life!

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